Welcome to Randomactswithjax!  That about explains my life in a nutshell.  Jax is my super cool, super funny, super smart, 7yr old, with whom, I get all my material from.  I thought I was funny, well don’t we all, till I met him.  I mean he did get it from me, but his delivery can be SO much better than mine.  We also have a super spazzed out dog, who we love, named Daisy!  She will make guest appearances for sure. Oh and there is the kids Dad too, but he doesn’t think we are as funny as we do, (me for sure, the kid, he has more patience for) I am the fingers and the voice, Jax definitely stirs up the content.  And Random acts is, hopefully a lot of kindness, our fair share of rants and a myriad of amusement!


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  1. Looking forward to reading and catching up. Love you lots and so glad you are capturing the moments that seem to slip by so many of us. You are amazing….. love sos

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