Balanced? I don’t know, I’m going with harmonious!


Have you ever stopped to really evaluate what comes to your doorstep as the mirror to your soul? It is interesting to see-when you’re awake and eyes wide open. I have been so surprised at what and whom have entered into my journey.  When you can slow down the spin cycle and really sit-mouth shut-eyes open you can see what is really in alignment, what is working for your highest and greatest good and what is making you blossom into the person that you were intended to be.  I find it fascinating that I have spent so many years being ‘busy’ which led to feeling frenetic and unfulfilled. I bought into “more is better” and I’ve come to realize that less is loving!

As I sit here today, I realize I have finally crossed the threshold of embodying this notion of less is loving.  I intend to move methodically, not routinely, not stagnant, and not perfectly, but methodically-maybe even rhythmically.  As my mind, body and soul align, I can see that I can still shine my light as brightly as possible, I can still be my bubbly, energetic self that taps into my Clown Chakra daily AND I can find time to be still, to focus on what matters, to embody my desires, to look inward for true love.  To learn to manage all that comes bubbling up, sometimes like a gentle fountain and sometimes erupting like a geyser-but to remember to forgive myself first and always and to recognize that joy begets joy, but also that negativity begets negativity.

I move into the world today with love in my heart, a knowing that I’m divinely protected-and a smile that is contagious!



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