2011-Easy, like a summer day…


2010-what an extraordinary year of change, spiritual awakenings, hearts ripped wide open, lessons learned and gifts-so many beautiful gifts.

As I sit here this evening, fire lit, wine poured, Daisy curled up on my legs, feeling cozy, happy to be in the stillness, watching the snow lightly fall and cling to all of Mother Nature; I am reflective, introspective, grateful and most of all, incredibly peaceful.

I was taught so many incredible lessons this year.  I saw a whole new me emerge into a brilliant butterfly that fluttered around in pure delight, that was as brightly colored as a rainbow and that landed on the shoulders of a new beautiful landscape. I opened my heart and let the most incredible love flow through me. I learned to love and honor myself, and become my own best friend.  I also drew some lines in the sand, made a bucket load of mistakes, said “I’m sorry” a lot, but in the process, learned so many valuable lessons from it all.

So many blessings, hard to list them all, but particularly, I am so incredibly grateful for old friends and new, beautiful hearts and souls and GIANTS.   I have always been blessed to have a wonderful circle of friends-supportive, loving, embracing, easy and fun.  I served up a new story to them this year and everyone of them held my heart, took the time to listen, offered a warm embrace and opened their arms and hearts.  For that, I will always be eternally grateful.  I am reminding myself daily to keep shining as brightly as I can, to not dim my light in the presence of naysayers, but to remember that, at that precise moment, is the time to illuminate the souls of others. I firmly believe that we are blessed by the gifts that every person brings into our stream and that we can further ourselves by standing on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.  Lady Gaga has her ‘Little Monsters’, I have my Giants!

I walked many miles this year; at times, it felt like lifetimes, sometimes alone, sometimes hand in hand,  but with every step, something new and beautiful emerged.  There is so much beauty, so much wonder and so much awe, that I need to remind myself to stop-look, hear, smell and feel it all-let it all soak in.  For the one that held my hand much of last year, thank you for touching my heart, thank you for opening me to a whole new world, thank you for laying the foundation of wellness, thank you for holding my heart, for the adventures, the sunrises and the sunsets, the long walks, catching the tears, evoking the smiles, opening up a beautiful new frontier and making that a warm, loving and very safe place for me.  For all of those things and so much more, my heart will always smile and be so grateful.

Every person that steps into our hearts, lives and paths weaves the tapestry of our journey.  I trust in the divine order of it all, the way one door closes and another one opens, the way we circle around and emerge a whole new being-better for all the experiences, the encounters-no matter how significant or insignificant.  They all weave the tapestry of who we are, and we are all in the right place at the exact right time.

Moving into 2011-I will take so much of what I have learned.  I will never again be who I was at 20 or at 30, although, I am grateful for all that has shaped me.  I invite abundance, prosperity, peace, love-BIG love, friendship, vulnerability, courage and strength into my stream for the year ahead.  I will continue to breathe in and breathe out and know that this is a new day coming…. easy, like a summer day!

May the peace the passes all understanding guard your hearts and minds.

Happy New Year!


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