I have a question?


What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? I watched this movie last night that pondered that notion for a quick second.  The answer?  It never happens.  The two cannot co-exist, if there is a thing that can not be stopped, it is not possible for there to be something which cannot move.

There is something about that statement that is compelling to me.  We are all destined to be unstoppable.  Whether that is in work, life, love or anything you set your mind to.  There is that moment that you realize you can reach the stars and tuck the moon under your arm, and away you will go.  No hesitation, no hemming and hawing.  Just, get up, set your intention, reach up and grab what you want.  It’s yours.  Ok, so then you say, what if it’s not yours for the taking?  Then what?  Then, you keep stating what it is that you want, you keep striving for the same result, you keep envisioning what it is you want it all to look like and before you know it, there it is, right in front of you, maybe even bigger, brighter, shinier that you could have ever imagined.  But you, YOU, were unstoppable.  Patient, but unstoppable.  That’s a cool thought.

Are you listening?  Are you paying attention? Really?  You know the moment when you have the Aha moment of what it is all suppose to look like? Or feel like? Like meeting the love of your life, whatever that situation was, you might have caught eyes, you might have brushed up against one another, you might have been introduced, but in that split second, of eye contact, you just knew?  You might not have known you’d fall madly in love, but you just knew, the energy was unstoppable, the attraction undeniable, the touch electric and the dance, the dance was fluid.  I think all of life is like that, you may already be in your rhythm, moving effortlessly or sludging through mud, but in your rhythm nonetheless and something comes barreling at you and you are forced to move.  To decide, now, what it all looks like, it may be as stark a contrast as moving from Fargo, North Dakota to Hawaii, it may be leaving your job in Corporate America to making snow cones, or it may be allowing all the energy to come together and blend and show you what it is supposed to look like.  If we paint ourselves into a box, then in the box we will remain, if we open the lid, smash down the sides and stay open to it all, flexible, easy, allowing… that place, although, vulnerable, might just lead us to the place that we couldn’t have even dreamed possible.

Be unstoppable, be open to being moved.  Be the force of your own life, your own power, your own heart.  Dare to love you.


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