Social Media etiquette with @EmilyPost


I read post after post about social media do’s and dont’s, most of it I feel is validated, some of it, quite frankly, is crap, but here is my two cents.

In the beginning, God created tablets, stones, PC’s, Macs, email, iPhones, texting, twitter, facebook, Linkedin and on the seventh day, some will say she created, the iPad.  We’ve been communicating for a long damn time.  But oh, how we’ve all bent, broken and changed the rules. Here are a couple tips, my humble opinions and some random thoughts on social media etiquette, in no particular order…..

Tip 1, would you pay someone to write a letter to your Grandma?  Then don’t pay someone to write your personal blog,  That’s just crap.  Plenty of people are ghostblogging, ghosttweeting, ghostworking….I suppose if you are writing corporate facts thats one thing, but don’t try to be someones personal voice.  That’s like putting your college picture on, when you’re 54.  Creeper.

Tip 2, RSS feeds have a lovely place in all of this communication hoopla.  I subscribe to many, I love it because it pops up on my homepage and basically says, good morning, Denise, here is some cool shit for you to read today, and I choose, at my convenience, to read it, without having to search through the interwebz jungle.  If you are going to link an RSS feed to Twitter so you have something to tell the world…don’t.  Spend sometime finding your audience and getting to know who they are and what value you can provide.

Tip 3, It’s Twitter, you are tweeting.  Not tweeter, not twatter, you are not twitting.  Just spend like 1 second to understand that.  Ok, thank you.

Tip 4, Here’s a newsflash, that may make all the social media consultants want to rip my face off.  Not all sites are for all things.  Not every company is going to need a Facebook page, or a Twitter account.  Social media is not, one size fits all.  And, I mean really, does that EVER work?  That’s a whole other post.  Really understand where your audience plays, if you are a financial company, I don’t see many of your friends on Twitter, I’m sure this has to do with FINRA laws and regulations.  At any rate, you wouldn’t show up at a cocktail party that you knew was going to be heavily attended by animal activist in a mink, jus sayin.  Know your audience and where they live.

There are so many post about social media, how do you engage? The rules to be successful and on and on and on.  I have one rule…mostly, just use the common sense that God gave you.  Don’t get all bowed up behind your computer screen and start spouting off, Google will keep your stupidity forever.  Just stop, think and then engage, it’s easy really and actually quite rewarding.

So, whatever my two cents was worth…that is my, albeit brief, feeling on social media, today.  Next….why I would never pay $15,000 for Kindergarten, but hey, that’s just me.


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