A Peaceful Heart <3


Jax says some funny stuff….if you are around him for any length of time, you would know and you would laugh.  He makes my eyes sparkle, and he relaxes my smile and he gives me a peaceful heart.  I love him for his quick ass wit, his compassion for people, his willingness to explore and adventure and most of all how he engages in conversation.

He had mentioned to me last week, as I was sitting at a table with some friends, Mama, how come you are so fun around other people and when you’re just with me, you’re always ‘thinking’.  Which, did get me thinking.  I want him to know how much I enjoy him and his company, sometimes my fun is too adult for him…but I need to get on the level with him so he knows that he is such a huge piece of me.  I mean, really a huge piece of me.  He has no idea that it is like looking in a mirror not only physically but straight into his soul.

That night, he did something, that really will forever be etched in my heart.  As I was sitting chatting with friends, he went with my Mom to a store and bought, with his own money, a silver heart that says, ‘Peaceful Heart”.  Mine melted.  This kid, holy shit, this kid….he is something else.  He is my hope and my future, he is my love and my heart.  He makes me softer and kinder and full of amazing energy-I just hope he knows how much.

And so in my quest to be more fun, I drove him to school today with a pink wig on and a tutu!  I don’t think that was what he meant….but hey you take what you can get! 🙂

I love you kid.


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