Me and Julia and the quest for “something to do”!


I went to see the movie Julie & Julia last night, which was good fun, but also spurred me on to start blogging again.  The character Julie spends a year blogging and cooking her way through the Julia Childs cookbook.  She achieves a personal level of success at the end, because she actually completes a project-this-I-identify with completely!

I have spent the last year working on Chicks who Click, a social media conference for women.  It was launched in Boulder in January, had a great turnout, feedback and lots of encouragement to take the “show on the road” as they say.  So with some turnabout, reorganization, etc…the show has gone to Kansas City, Vancouver and now we are heading to San Jose this weekend.  Unfortunately, with the economy or lack of interest of women in social media, I’m afraid this show is going to be sidelined.  It’s been a terrific project and the traction has been fabulous.  I have been asked to contribute to a book, been interviewed for several blogs, articles and the like, but I’m afraid Chicks who Click will probably be nesting for the rest of 2009.

Which brings me to a blank slate.  This is the transition period that I always hate the most.  I feel like I just keep recreating myself which in some people’s minds is fantastic, but for me, it weighs me down a bit.  I’m glad I have the financial means to get to replenish the canvas of my life every 9-12 months, but I want to keep driving for a the same goal, I just don’t know what that goal is, except to have something to do, do it well, make an impact..I know, seems easy enough.

Much like Julia Child in real life and the movie, she started cooking to “have something to do”—who knows, maybe I will end up being a celebrity of some sort as I search through life for my “something to do”!


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