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Social Media a Passion for Denise Smith

How to succeed Denise Smith The importance of social media just keeps growing.  Denise Smith is passionate about the topic. Denise is the founder of Chicks who Click, a social media conference for women, as well as the woman responsible for launching the Event Practice at Metzger Associates in Boulder, CO.  Denise has been a force in the events industry for 15 years. Here’s what Denise has to say about her venture:

Chicks who Click, was launched in Boulder, Colorado in January 2009.  This conference was created by women for women who are achieving new heights in social media; to connect with like-minded women and stay connected through social media.  We wanted to create a conference that encouraged the conversation, to bring women together in all fields to talk about how they were using social media if different practice areas.  Chicks has been a great forum to connect these women to create, connect and collaborate in this space.  We are combining local and national speakers across the country who are educating and encouraging women in social media.

When launching Chicks, I knew I could combine my personality traits to create something fantastic, I had the passion, vision, and the energy!  I am passionate about social media and how it is impacting communication, I am a connector of people, I love the community of women it has inspired and the conversation it has created.  I built the structure, but it would not be standing without the amazing women it houses.”

When asked about getting ahead, Denise had this to say:

“I think if you are trying to get ahead in your field, any field, read, absorb, listen, be part of the conversation and your community.  Join a group of like-minded women to know what is happening and stay as connected as possible.  Don’t be afraid to take some chances, you might fail, but you just never know when you will succeed!”


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