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These are a few of my favorite things…


What can you say about Boulder, Colorado…so many things actually…and here are a few of my favorite things…(yes, read to the Sound of Music..but think about the Gimme Gimmes doing the cover…you know to spice it up a bit!)

People on Pearl Street and real live musicians
Cool tech meetups without an admission
Tee and Cakes boxes tied up with string
These are a few of my favorite things

Pink pretty ponies and fun kids at Metzger
Finding Doyle Albee at The B Side with Fetzer
Social media experts that fly with clients on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Gwen Bell at the Cup and Dave Taylor at Starbucks
Live streaming weddings and tweeting amok
Snowboard winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When Micah bites
And his posts sting
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad!


Dodgeball with a Douchebag…


Ok, while I’m ranting this week…let me continue with one more topic, then I will return to Jackson’s funny antics…

I, among hundreds of thousands of women, tuned into the final episode of the Bachelor last night.  I didn’t watch the whole series…but I thought I’d tune into the final episode…kinda like March Madness, it’s a long season people, give me the highlights!

Let me just start by saying, I think the whole process is stupid and rather degrading and humiliating to women.  Yes, yes, I know they have the Bachlorette too…equally humiliating and degrading if you ask me.  Why in God’s name would you sign up to be on this show???  So, the premise, as you know, is to be one of 25 women that will vie for one man’s attention, love and ultimately, his hand in marriage.

It reminds me of being back in junior high, ok, I don’t know about you, but I was pretty awkward and not remotely attractive.  We would stand in the gym, in our God awful gym clothes, yes, my school chose a one-piece zip up number, red polyester shorts with a red and white striped top…did I mention it was one piece?  Yeah, my ass looked fantastic! Anyway…we would line up to get “chosen” to play dodgeball or whatever the stupid game was for the hour and inevitably there would be that one person left standing…ok fine, I’ll take em.  YUCK people!  This has done nothing for our self esteem over the years.  Yet, here we are again, with a national TV show that makes women stand in a line to “get picked” to hang out with this douchebag!  Ok, he may be an alright guy, whatever, I don’t know him.

If you watched last night, he also subjected his 3 yr old son to the “choosing” process!  In a nutshell, he says, hey honey, I chose Melissa, she is great and she’ll swim with her dress on and we’ll be one big happy family, love her Ty, make her your new Mommy and then like a fly in a bug zapper, this Jason character says…uh, shit, I’m a douchebag and I don’t “feel it” gonna break up with her and pick up my plan B girl…who, by the way, is more than happy to go, ok, sweet, I’ll hang out with you, even though you humiliated me on National TV and you didn’t “choose” me! That’s a huge WTF?  But the bigger WTF, is now, he says, hey Ty, wet Melissa didn’t exactly work out….but now you should love Molly, she’s going to be your new Mommy!  Jesus, this kid is 3-what do you think is going through his head????  AND where is his birth mother and WHY doesn’t she object to him being on National TV to be used “as the cute puppy lure”, I know I would.

So all I’m saying is, I’m fairly “new” to this dating in the Millenium thing, maybe I don’t get it, clearly, I don’t get it.   I will never join a dating site, because all that equates to is standing in a cyber line, saying pick me, pick me!  I don’t want the rose or the douchebag, I especially don’t want to be humiliated…I can do that all by myself-remember, I did wear a one-piece polyester gym outfit.

Keep your rose, keep your douchebag, I think I’ll try it the old-fashion way of actually meeting someone face to face without a load of sorority sisters on my date.  I know…total troglodyte!

I’m busier than a cat covered in shit….yeah, who isn’t?


“Don’t say that you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Theresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.” — H. Jackson Brown, JR.

This is going to be a rant…so if you’re not in the mood, then I suggest you opt out of reading this post.

I have to say, I am sick to death of people telling me, “they are soooo busy”, ” I have no time”, you know what that says to me?  It says, I have no time for YOU.  I have absolutely zero seconds proportioned, to take 5 of them, to send you a note, a text, a tweet whatever it the form of communication maybe, for you, because you aren’t important to me.  We live in a world of technology that moves so fast, there are no excuses in my mind.

We all have a million things happening in our lives…that is our generation, the never sit still, take downtime or breathe generation.  I have a million things happening in my life too, I am a mother of a very busy 8 year old, I have a full-time job that happens to be a 45 minute commute each way, I sit on two charity boards, and volunteer at my kid’s school.  Plus I have a house to keep, a dog to take care of…oh the dog…all the daily bullshit we have to take care of AND, I do it all by myself.  I’m not looking for an award, I’m just saying, I make the time in my day, to tell people I care about them.  To write a note, send a b-day card, and wait for it…gasp…call them and actually have a conversation.

I will always have 5 minutes for a friend, for someone I care about, for the one’s I love.  And you know what, I will also, always, have a night to go to dinner or an afternoon to walk in the park.  Because these are the memories, the moments, that make my life complete.  Spending time with people, because that’s what shapes me and my character.  I will never look back on my life and smile about the countless hours I spent working, or doing laundry, but I will look back and reflect upon the people in my life, the conversations I had and the experiences I created.

Women are inherently multi-taskers, it’s what we do…I can talk on the phone, empty the dishwasher, paint my toe nails, check my kids homework, all while throwing the tennis ball to my dog.  I can also be the best at what I do, in about 30 hours a week, some weeks more, of course.  I’m not a MENSA candidate by any stretch, but what the hell are these people doing all day long, that they have no time?  It’s just a big fucking mystery to me!

So, the next time you say to someone, I am too busy, think about that…Are you saying, hey screw you, you aren’t worth it?  Or do you think you could see time as being relative…and MAKE time for someone or something that matters to you?