Hockey-a subculture!


No one really told me what I was getting into, when Jax announced that “he wanted to play hockey” sure, I thought, soccer was getting a bit boring and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my summer Saturday’s to wake up at 6:30am for swim team, so hockey, I thought, sure babe, you can play hockey!  If I could go back with a dog net and scoop up those words, toss them into the abyss, I would ever be so happy!

First of all, do you know the “gear” that is involved in this sport, WOW, let’s just say $400 later and 20 minutes to get a seven year old dressed to go out and run on ice is unbelievable.  Now that is just the half of it.  We get to the first couple of practices, holy crap these kids are GOOD!  Did the parents enroll them in hockey in the womb?  How do 7 year-olds skate that well?  Yeah, I’m just jealous, but I was still astounded!  Jax did very well, for never having any formalized skating lessons!  The kid just generally rocks!  Hopefully he will appreciate that later in life!

This brings me to the scheduling-REALLY- I am going to be at this rink 4 times a week?  And not 4 consistent time’s mind you, but it was explained to me that you don’t want to be the poor schmuck that gets stuck with the 5:30am ice time every Sat. morning.  OK, I guess!  At this point, I am seriously thankful I only have one child!  The other part of this whole charade, is you have to sit in the rink and “watch” your kid.  This would be great, except it’s like 20 below zero in there.  And this lasts until March!  My scarf collection is growing!

I would do ANYTHING for Jax-including helping him put on 15lbs of pads and tying skates to go run on ice with a stick in his hand chasing after a small puck that no one can ever see.  Although, I do recall, for the past seven years, telling him not to run with a stick in his hand…hmmm this could get complicated!


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