Monthly Archives: September 2008

Parenting 101


Three weeks into school, things are going well, routines getting established, days getting shorter, already scratching my head at what to pack for lunch everyday, but those are the perils of school days and I don’t mind it so much really.  It is very enlightening to hear what Jax has learned everyday and the facts that he spews at me, I am learning things all over again.  And truthfully, that’s not so bad.

Took a nice weekend to Grand Lake, just me and Jax and a handful of friends for a nice birthday celebration weekend for my BF.  Two other kids were there, and I have to say, two of the nicest, well-behaved, sweet, smart, beautiful kids I have ever been around.  Now, if you know me at all, that quite possibly, might be the nicest compliment I have ever given to anyone at anytime.  It was fun to watch them interact, three kids, two age 7, one age 5, now picture this, a whole weekend, no fighting, no crying, no whining, what?  Impossible you say?  I don’t lie!  I want to clone these kids.  Girl one:  Beautiful, sweet, engaging, I mean really just a dear.  Boy one (age 7), witty, creative, clever, leader, good qualities!  Boy two (age 5), CUTE, beyond cute, great follower, happy to be involved, funny, giggler-you see what I mean, great mix.  The adoration that was displayed between three young children, is something we could all learn from.  They smiled A LOT (happiness) , they took turns (respect), they found countless things to do without a TV (innovative), they hugged a lot (love) and they all shed a tear when it was time to leave (bonded).  So, I guess what I am getting at, is for starters, what a nice display of children, and secondly, I really wish all my relationships were like this.  Especially the one’s of utmost importance.  We, as parents, as spouses, especially, could all take a cue from these kiddos.  Respect, adoration, happiness, innovation and most importantly love.

Take time to hug the ones you love, to tell them how much they mean to you, to reflect that in your voice, to lift them up and make them feel like a hero and to live life in love-with yourself, your partner and your interactions.  Maybe, through the eyes and heart of a child.


All we need is love…


I was awoken to my phone chiming at me at 6:58 a.m. no one really calls that early unless something is awry…I notice the number, big smile on face (yes, before coffee), dial back the number and hear yes, you are an auntie!!!!  YIPPEE!!!  Baby boy Tharan, now officially called Zackary Ryan Tharan, born on September 2, 2008 at 5:00am.  Here’s the thing, the family you GET to pick is sometimes so much better than the family that is bestowed upon you!  For starters you didn’t fight like hell over the bathroom growing up, you didn’t have to draw an imaginary line in the car on the roadtrip from hell…you get the point.  So although, I am a surrogate auntie, a proud auntie nonetheless!

Jax, also very excited about Baby T, is awaiting his visitation after school.  Zackary, you are one lucky dude to have Jax as your older friend, he has A LOT to teach you and share with you.  First things first, sleep.  Gotta sleep kid, lots to do during the day!  OK, I think he can wait at least a month to teach you the rest!

A lot of love in our lives right now, some lost, some gained, but love nonetheless and that’s a pretty good place to be.  Hey Zackary, you are in excellent hands, I couldn’t be happier with your pick of parents!