Kids for Obama!


On the drive to school today, I noticed that Jax was being somewhat, hmm, shall we say, GRUMPY!  So, I braced myself, “babe, something wrong?” Nope, scowl.  Really?  Weeeeelllll, yes. Anything, tell me anything, just spit it out, because I don’t like grumpy at 7:45am without coffee. “Well you have been gone every night this week (it’s Tuesday), yes, I have.  Honey, (count to 10, deep breath) it is the Democratic National Convention, it is a once in a lifetime event that will take place in your city, history in the making, the first African-American nominee for President, 45 year anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech-ding, we have a winner!  He hones in on MLK, eyebrow goes up-facts spew out…I know MLK, I know his speech, I studied all about that in 1st grade, we sang this song about it…. So that is why I have been gone.

Then it occured to me, he really should go down and see all the excitement.  So, this afternoon we headed on the lightrail to downtown to immerse ourselves in the scene.  Right off the light rail, a lady hears my husband and Jax talking about Biden, where he was from, if we were going to see him, etc.  She immediately walks over and is so jazzed that we would bring our kiddo downtown, that she showers him with chatchkies, buttons, pens, magnets, etc. Off to a good start for the history fieldtrip.  If you don’t know, kids love stuff, don’t really care what it is, as long as it’s stuff and it’s theirs!  Onto the Solar House, Electric Cars, Solar Ovens (big hit, they have cookies). Then down 16th street mall, cops on horses, protesters…awe we are losing him, time for ice cream.  Rebooted, Nancy Pelosi sighting on Larimer, swat team hanging off SUV’s (highlight).  Pictures with Barack (OK cardboard Barack, but Barack nonetheless).  All in all, great evening and I felt good that as a parent, regardless of my political views, that I exposed my child to the world, the world of politics, and the experience of a lifetime, truly!

Go Obama-We think you ROCK!


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  1. Too funny – Caroline has been walking around saying “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message” so clearly the “message” is getting through (whatever it may be…)

  2. Delighted that you and Jax went to the DNC together.

    This will undoubtedly be a memory that he will have for the rest of his life.

    I’m so excited about the Change a head.

    I look forward to tweeting with you.

    Wilma of Denver

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