Are you a wet sponge or a dry sponge?


This was the question I was asked on the way to school this morning.  Me: Is that like a wet blanket?  Jax: A what? Me: OK, nevermind…what are you asking me?  Well, a wet sponge listens, takes in facts, thinks about things, formulates burning questions and is in a constant state of curiosity.  Hmmm.  What is a dry sponge?  Someone who doesn’t think at all and can’t absorb new ideas.  What are you honey?  Mmmmmooooommmm, of course I am a wet sponge, my mind is always working!  What am I?  Moist.  Thanks, babe!

I LOVE second grade!  4 days in, and he is a soaking wet sponge, that’s fantastic!  As I thought about that today, it is very true.  What am I doing everyday to be a wet sponge?  So, as luck would have it, I had a good little creative chit chat with some very interesting wet sponges this morning and truly it broadened by horizon ten-fold.  I came away with another way to look at something, my box door was opened, sunshine flooded in, the wheels were a spinnin’ and maybe an idea was formed.  I will keep you posted if it was a brilliant idea or just an idea, but all the same, I like to be a wet sponge too!

I would challenge you to inquire about one thing, maybe something you have always wanted to know about, maybe something that you have been wondering about.  Find the answer, find out why, find out how to integrate that into something you are passionate about.  If you are having a “dry sponge” moment, find a second grader, I can guarantee your sponge won’t be dry for long!


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