Paparrazi on the playground


My kid’s school is interesting in the fact that every and I do mean every parent shows up for the first day of school festivities at 8:00 a.m.  The camera’s were going like crazy, the kid’s are all spit shined, backpack’s on that are bigger than they are, squealing at their friends and all looking forward to lunch and recess!

There was more of the “how was your summer” BS that took place and then there is always that handful of kids, gripping their parents leg and howling like they are fixin’ to be thrown in a wood chipper.  You just want to say, “hey kid, it’s kindergarten, that equals recess, lunch, recess and playdough if you’re good.  They don’t bring out the scissors until at least October, so unleash your madness and give your parent’s a frickin’ break.”  Of course then there are the kid’s that are saying that to their parents as well!  “Mom, pull it together, I’m 5, at least I’m not a Chinese gymnast that has to live in a camp my whole life and see you once a year, we’ll be back on this playground by 3pm!” Are you going to be OK? Promise? Promise?

Some parents stroll off the playground and wonder what in the world they are going to do until 3pm, not me, I wore my track shoes and I was off.  It was like an episode of Amazing Race, where can I go and how much can I get done before 3pm? I wanted to by the plane ticket to Chile, but I only had seven hours!  And hence, another school year begins!

Consequently, I played that song “I’m free” by the Stones, ALL DAY LONG!


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  1. You have a gift! You are hilarious and I so appreciate the chance to laugh with you! I look forward to buying your first collection of short stories…

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