My brain is built for speed!


So this morning, this rainy Saturday morning, Jax wakes up with “what are we doing today” and then repeatedly slams that thought at me for the next 2 hours straight.  Coffee, need coffee.  I was NEVER a self entertained kid, ever.  So, I do get his need for entertainment, however, I also now understand why my Mom was the way she was, when I was looking for entertainment!

Breakfast, ok, that will kill an hour at least, sweet off to breakfast.  The Olympics are on at the restaurant, so the barrage of questioning starts, where is Belarus? When did badminton become a sport and why?  Why are the the Chinese playing the Chinese (head tilt), can I have french fries for breakfast and pancakes? One man rowing, better than one arm rowing, on and on and on…and so finally back to the beginning, um I think Belarus is a spin off of the USSR, uh shit…why did I go there…and they start again.  So finally I say, my God, child does your brain hurt?  “No, it’s built for speed!”

And people ask, “Was your summer long enough” hahahahahaha!

Sorry, Mrs Smith and Mrs Miller, hope you have a FANTASTIC school year and I hope YOU spent your summer on the internet, or else you had better get busy!

Sun, please come out tomorrow!  PLEASE?


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  1. You and your kiddo are so damn funny! You missed you’re calling but it’s not too late for Jax… well, or you. Thanks for keeping us laughing with your new blog, D!

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