What I did on my summer vacation!


Tonight was the “Watermelon Social” as my son’s school calls it, a small gathering to hangout, see your friends, find out who your teacher is for the upcoming year and see which kiddos are in your class.  It also consist of a load of parents standing around asking how your summer was at nauseum and either rejoicing in the fact that school starts on Monday or lamenting in the fact that summer just wasn’t long enough.  I haven’t decided.  I was sick of talking about my summer however, it reminds me of my childhood when on the first day of school you always had to write that paper, “what I did this summer”.  “Well, I toured Italy with a Countess, rode my pink pony through the hills of France, visited with Willy Wonka and had an ice cream parlour installed in my house!”  Geez, Mrs Johnson, what in the hell do you think I did this summer?  It is 1976, I ate a crap load of bologna sandwiches and played in the sprinkler in my front yard, not a newsworthy story does that make-but thanks for asking.

So, as I think of those memories, I tried to make some better ones for my kid, but I have to say bologna turned to ham and the sprinkler became the neighborhood pool, if it wasn’t for his fantastic twice a week nanny he wouldn’t have read, tie-dyed, made homemade ice cream and rode his bike countless miles around the block.  Thanks, Christina!  But you know we tried.  So, was summer long enough? Yeah, I would say we are one bologna sandwich over our limit.


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