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Kids for Obama!


On the drive to school today, I noticed that Jax was being somewhat, hmm, shall we say, GRUMPY!  So, I braced myself, “babe, something wrong?” Nope, scowl.  Really?  Weeeeelllll, yes. Anything, tell me anything, just spit it out, because I don’t like grumpy at 7:45am without coffee. “Well you have been gone every night this week (it’s Tuesday), yes, I have.  Honey, (count to 10, deep breath) it is the Democratic National Convention, it is a once in a lifetime event that will take place in your city, history in the making, the first African-American nominee for President, 45 year anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech-ding, we have a winner!  He hones in on MLK, eyebrow goes up-facts spew out…I know MLK, I know his speech, I studied all about that in 1st grade, we sang this song about it…. So that is why I have been gone.

Then it occured to me, he really should go down and see all the excitement.  So, this afternoon we headed on the lightrail to downtown to immerse ourselves in the scene.  Right off the light rail, a lady hears my husband and Jax talking about Biden, where he was from, if we were going to see him, etc.  She immediately walks over and is so jazzed that we would bring our kiddo downtown, that she showers him with chatchkies, buttons, pens, magnets, etc. Off to a good start for the history fieldtrip.  If you don’t know, kids love stuff, don’t really care what it is, as long as it’s stuff and it’s theirs!  Onto the Solar House, Electric Cars, Solar Ovens (big hit, they have cookies). Then down 16th street mall, cops on horses, protesters…awe we are losing him, time for ice cream.  Rebooted, Nancy Pelosi sighting on Larimer, swat team hanging off SUV’s (highlight).  Pictures with Barack (OK cardboard Barack, but Barack nonetheless).  All in all, great evening and I felt good that as a parent, regardless of my political views, that I exposed my child to the world, the world of politics, and the experience of a lifetime, truly!

Go Obama-We think you ROCK!


Are you a wet sponge or a dry sponge?


This was the question I was asked on the way to school this morning.  Me: Is that like a wet blanket?  Jax: A what? Me: OK, nevermind…what are you asking me?  Well, a wet sponge listens, takes in facts, thinks about things, formulates burning questions and is in a constant state of curiosity.  Hmmm.  What is a dry sponge?  Someone who doesn’t think at all and can’t absorb new ideas.  What are you honey?  Mmmmmooooommmm, of course I am a wet sponge, my mind is always working!  What am I?  Moist.  Thanks, babe!

I LOVE second grade!  4 days in, and he is a soaking wet sponge, that’s fantastic!  As I thought about that today, it is very true.  What am I doing everyday to be a wet sponge?  So, as luck would have it, I had a good little creative chit chat with some very interesting wet sponges this morning and truly it broadened by horizon ten-fold.  I came away with another way to look at something, my box door was opened, sunshine flooded in, the wheels were a spinnin’ and maybe an idea was formed.  I will keep you posted if it was a brilliant idea or just an idea, but all the same, I like to be a wet sponge too!

I would challenge you to inquire about one thing, maybe something you have always wanted to know about, maybe something that you have been wondering about.  Find the answer, find out why, find out how to integrate that into something you are passionate about.  If you are having a “dry sponge” moment, find a second grader, I can guarantee your sponge won’t be dry for long!

Paparrazi on the playground


My kid’s school is interesting in the fact that every and I do mean every parent shows up for the first day of school festivities at 8:00 a.m.  The camera’s were going like crazy, the kid’s are all spit shined, backpack’s on that are bigger than they are, squealing at their friends and all looking forward to lunch and recess!

There was more of the “how was your summer” BS that took place and then there is always that handful of kids, gripping their parents leg and howling like they are fixin’ to be thrown in a wood chipper.  You just want to say, “hey kid, it’s kindergarten, that equals recess, lunch, recess and playdough if you’re good.  They don’t bring out the scissors until at least October, so unleash your madness and give your parent’s a frickin’ break.”  Of course then there are the kid’s that are saying that to their parents as well!  “Mom, pull it together, I’m 5, at least I’m not a Chinese gymnast that has to live in a camp my whole life and see you once a year, we’ll be back on this playground by 3pm!” Are you going to be OK? Promise? Promise?

Some parents stroll off the playground and wonder what in the world they are going to do until 3pm, not me, I wore my track shoes and I was off.  It was like an episode of Amazing Race, where can I go and how much can I get done before 3pm? I wanted to by the plane ticket to Chile, but I only had seven hours!  And hence, another school year begins!

Consequently, I played that song “I’m free” by the Stones, ALL DAY LONG!

My brain is built for speed!


So this morning, this rainy Saturday morning, Jax wakes up with “what are we doing today” and then repeatedly slams that thought at me for the next 2 hours straight.  Coffee, need coffee.  I was NEVER a self entertained kid, ever.  So, I do get his need for entertainment, however, I also now understand why my Mom was the way she was, when I was looking for entertainment!

Breakfast, ok, that will kill an hour at least, sweet off to breakfast.  The Olympics are on at the restaurant, so the barrage of questioning starts, where is Belarus? When did badminton become a sport and why?  Why are the the Chinese playing the Chinese (head tilt), can I have french fries for breakfast and pancakes? One man rowing, better than one arm rowing, on and on and on…and so finally back to the beginning, um I think Belarus is a spin off of the USSR, uh shit…why did I go there…and they start again.  So finally I say, my God, child does your brain hurt?  “No, it’s built for speed!”

And people ask, “Was your summer long enough” hahahahahaha!

Sorry, Mrs Smith and Mrs Miller, hope you have a FANTASTIC school year and I hope YOU spent your summer on the internet, or else you had better get busy!

Sun, please come out tomorrow!  PLEASE?

What I did on my summer vacation!


Tonight was the “Watermelon Social” as my son’s school calls it, a small gathering to hangout, see your friends, find out who your teacher is for the upcoming year and see which kiddos are in your class.  It also consist of a load of parents standing around asking how your summer was at nauseum and either rejoicing in the fact that school starts on Monday or lamenting in the fact that summer just wasn’t long enough.  I haven’t decided.  I was sick of talking about my summer however, it reminds me of my childhood when on the first day of school you always had to write that paper, “what I did this summer”.  “Well, I toured Italy with a Countess, rode my pink pony through the hills of France, visited with Willy Wonka and had an ice cream parlour installed in my house!”  Geez, Mrs Johnson, what in the hell do you think I did this summer?  It is 1976, I ate a crap load of bologna sandwiches and played in the sprinkler in my front yard, not a newsworthy story does that make-but thanks for asking.

So, as I think of those memories, I tried to make some better ones for my kid, but I have to say bologna turned to ham and the sprinkler became the neighborhood pool, if it wasn’t for his fantastic twice a week nanny he wouldn’t have read, tie-dyed, made homemade ice cream and rode his bike countless miles around the block.  Thanks, Christina!  But you know we tried.  So, was summer long enough? Yeah, I would say we are one bologna sandwich over our limit.